The Desire For Freedom

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In a traveling and tourism class our teacher explained why some countries don’t allow tourists on the main land.  He said, “if you were the people living in poverty and saw tourists come around with a better life you would want to be free of your life & this could cause an uprising.”

It’s a deeper analogy of the grass is greener on the other side if you ask me.   What riddled me though was why does the desire to be free cause an uprising?  Well there is actually a word for this feeling.


A strong desire for freedom.
We saw it in India with Ghandi.   America with Malcolm X & Martin Luther King Jr.  We saw it in Egypt against their government & in Montreal with the students wanting to be free of debt.  These were people fighting for freedom.
In actuality there are more…

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Check The Solfeggio

Demand The Highest Frequency Okay, so we're in the information era right?  We're being flooded with information that will alter the consciousness of mankind and yet we just remain cognitively dissonant to the music we're digesting. Now understand me, I'm in the music industry so my exploration of music isn't limited to the peaceful Snatam …

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When Sh*t Hits the Fan…

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6 Lessons of Humility

There is an actual frame of denial when you are dangerously ill.   Especially when you’re a health fanatic and you are hit with a rare out of the ordinary ailment.

Throughout my last pregnancy I remained active I would go on bike rides and put my kids in the attached trailer and be off.  The first trimester I was very sick for 3 months and I realized a very deep dark and shameful secret… my mind wasn’t working like it should.  I was sick without getting into too much detail on that as I live beyond that vibration now.

All of my thoughts were blurred.   I lacked the clarity to do art, read, or write.   It was a once in awhile thing not like my regular everyday creative stimulation.  Then came my bike accident.   In this particular accident I injured my left leg.  With what seemed…

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