Introducing Anton Iorga

It’s an absolute honour to present an author of our collective. With an incredibly unique & refreshing view on today’s society and an inspirational catalog this young God changed the dynamic of my thinking. 

My name is Anton Iorga, and I am a 34 year old PhD/postdoctoral candidate at the U of Alberta, an anticolonial university teacher, an activist, poet, graffiti & hip-hop artist with 66 albums released and 42 more in the works, a published translator & editor, yogi, indigo youth mentor, non-profit revolutionary music label/anticolonial website manager (, worldwide artistic/alternative education safespace collective founder and manager (Mutant Akademy), and a proud parent & soulmate.

However, in this Western imperialist and overly rational system, I have been diagnosed over a decade ago as bipolar, schizophrenic, ADHD, PTSD and SAD and psychiatrists have repeatedly locked me up, tortured me, forced toxic medications onto me and labeled me as mentally disabled and unfit to be a citizen in this society until I proved them all wrong and became what I am today with the help and support of my activist single mother who nursed me back to health when no one else believed in me.

I am now an activist and a voice for all those out there who cannot or are not allowed to properly express the abuse they are suffering from this White Supremacist, Neocolonial, Elitist Heteropatriarchal slave labor system we call Western society and liberal democracy.

My website and record label,, has tons of free links, poetry, esoteric scriptures, charity links, orthomolecular medicine, music and hip-hop albums as well as many other resources to learn more about how to keep yourself aware and healthy in a profoundly sick and twisted society.

All we ask in return is that you pay it forward, share these resources with others and help out in your local/global communities to make the world a better place.

Much Love, 

Kalki/Antony of Egypt/Professor X (Jr)


Revolt Motion Records

Mutant Akademy

Kalki Visnuyasa

Antony of Egypt

Atlantis Army

Sadhu Militia

Plague Monks

11 Hooks Crew

Aghori Ascetics

Warrior Type Wizards


Mutant Akademy



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