Introducing Morgan O. Smith

Honoured to introduce this contributor who is my very own metaphysical mentor and has opened me to enlightening bounds of self-exploration.


Morgan O. Smith has studied Eastern philosophy, metaphysics and meditation for over a decade. He splits his time working as both a mentor for youth and at risk families, and a spiritual life coach and mystic philosopher. He is a certified meditation instructor, Reiki practitioner and brainwave entrainment facilitator. He is also a youth outreach worker and facilitator for the Strengthening Families Program (SFP).

His desire to help others overcome difficulties and find inner peace arose after a spiritual awakening in 2008. Following this life-changing event, he developed Yinnergy Meditation, a grassroots project that encourages emotional, mental and spiritual growth through audio-induced deep meditation. He created the Yinnergy Appreciation Awards in 2011 to acknowledge youth who have made a positive impact on the community. He established his blog, A Mystic Formerly Known as Morgan O. Smith, containing memoirs and aphorisms deeply inspired by his awakening. His mystical insights have also inspired the thought provoking, and critically acclaimed book, The God Behind The God, written by Arian Herbert in 2015.

Morgan donates his time and resources to many other projects. He has contributed financially to non-profit organizations, grassroots community initiatives, radio projects and documentaries, such as The Shift, The Connected Universe with Nassim Haramein, and Morgan’s Kids. He appeared on a public service announcement for Boost Child Abuse Prevention and Intervention in 2013. He also participates in scientific studies for institutions, such as the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS).

Prior to seeking a more spiritual path, Morgan was a Gemini Award-winning comedy writer, stand up comedian and television personality. He has shared the stage with comedy greats such as Kevin Hart, Dave Chappelle, Patton Oswalt and Robert Schimmel and was voted one of Canada’s top three favourite comics by the Gemini Awards People’s Choice Award in 2003. Over his career, Morgan has appeared in over 40 television shows, indie films and documentaries. Most notably, he was a co-host of the Award-winning television show, Buzz. The show earned a cult following during its nine seasons for its guerilla-style approach and off-colour humour.

Morgan O. Smith

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