Introducing Teleka Turiya Sage

This Queen & I go way back but she changed my life with a consultation about a life changing dream I had.  Forever grateful for her & excited for what she will teach the world.

Teleka says:

In 2015, I earned my RTY500 Instructors Certificate from Sananda Yoga School, specializing in Jotish, Ayurveda, Asana, Anatomy and Sanskrit. I then attended the Ontario College of Chinese Medicine where I learned how to practice traditional Chinese Medical Massage. I also gained my Reiki Mastery Practitioner/Teacher accreditation and joined the American Board of Hypnotherapy, certifying and registering myself as a Hypnotherapist. In addition to this, I am trained in other areas based around Energy and Lineage. Although I became officially recognized as a holistic force.  I have always walked this path since my childhood grooming by my grandmother where I gained a lot of knowledge about herbs and spirituality.  It is my passion to see others become self realized and actualized.  I recognize that my service to others is my path of personal fulfillment and I do this with joy.  It is also important to note that I am a master manifestor, astral traveller, and occasional remote viewer.  I have other gifts in the realm dreams as well.  I am extremely comfortable with the world of spirit and this makes me an excellent facilitator for those seeking to strengthen their spiritual knowledge and develop their own personal habits in order to prosper. One of my most recent creations is The Ultimate Guided Hypno-Reiki Meditation and this is designed heal and nourish the chakras so that you can ignite your burning desire and crave habits of wellness to finally create your dream life, because if you can see it in your minds eyes, it is ready to be had!

Find the Hypno Meditation here!


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