Motivation Activation

Everyone agrees that the more motivated you are, the better you feel about life.  We follow people on instagram and other social media platforms seeking motivation daily, sometimes living vicariously through every single post.   While we all appreciate hearing great sunshiney perspectives, seeing dream vacations and cute couples, there is nothing more powerful than the motivation that comes from within.  This is the type of motivation that is unshakable and is guaranteed to influence your value in  business and social relationships.

Let us examine what I mean by the word “motivation” because most of us know what it is like to really want something with a burning desire   Too often the objects of our desire does not bring us closer to our highest goals.  Because let’s face it, desiring a piece of Vegan cheese cake isn’t exactly creating a path to the wealth and lifestyle of our dreams. The type of motivation that serves you best is the kind that makes you uncomfortable with mediocrity so much that you become a fueled action taker.  This type of motivation actually benefits you, it ignites the fire in your Solar Plexus to burn and dissolve obstacles, clearing your path to success with each  decision you make.  By reading this article you have already started to make great decisions.

Get this, for it is far greater than the momentary joy of staring at an inspirational post online, screenshotting it and using it as the wall paper on your lock screen.   Not that there is anything wrong with that, of course.  The point is, that when you have this level of fire the term “motivation activation” is born because just like power, knowledge is nothing without the actions. Motivation is nothing without ACTivation. For this and many other reasons “The Ultimate Guided Hypno-Reiki Meditation- Deep Sleep Hypnosis to Activate Your 7 Chakras” was created.  Imagine how liberating it will be for your subconscious mind to shed it’s conflicts with your goals, as it finally aligns with your conscious intentions and  desires.  T.U.G.H.R.M. uses ancient Sanskrit activation seed sounds, Hz frequencies with a history of calming and healing the human body and a carefully selected  set of chakra and gland stimulating elements like planets, crystals, and food to name a few..  In as little as 5 sleeps, the listener will notice that their thoughts seem more positive as they begin to adapt the affirmations from the audio as their own inner voice.  This audio is also perfect for those that have a difficult time falling asleep and anyone who wants to remove stagnant beliefs systems, such as fear of success, lack of motivation, self doubt and more.  The recording induces a trance state which brings you into a powerful otherworldly place to manifest from.  Everyone needs a great foundation upon which to rebuild theirself.  When ever you would like expand by adopting new and improved attributes or behaviour your subconscious mind must be in agreement with the change, otherwise your new desire will be treated like 9 day old stale fries and you know what happens to stale fries………….  Exactly!

Your subconscious mind MUST crave your new habit with enough fire and passion to get you into the “motivation activation” mode.  We at Mandala Nation Inc. are here to help you get your life together for bliss filled living!  Let’s do this together! Visit to sign up for the newsletter and also to get “The Ultimate Guided Hypno-Reiki Meditation- Deep Sleep Hypnosis to Activate Your 7 Chakras”  

Check out out the Guided Meditation here.

-Teleka Turiya Sage

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