The Ultimate Experience

Life is of the ultimate interest once you become alive to a world you’ve always believed to be separate from you. Once you become awakened, you will see yourself as completely whole; a forgotten memory sitting beneath the exterior of the unconscious. This self-realization is so electrifying; you will have no choice but to laugh at the absurdity of it all.
Once this fire kindles, all things dispassionate, becomes a love at first sight – a dazzling visual of the sublime and a knowing that everything is you. In this moment, you will start to feel the joy and pain of everything, until you transcend the two; you will then begin to feel the wholeness of everything you once believed to be a duality.  You will realize that everything is an extension of the self, an expansion of individual mind into the broad collective which is of one accord.

I will describe this new awareness by saying that it’s being able to clearly see the fog which is in front of you.  This fog I speak of is the illusion; a figment of your imagination you once perceived to be reality – a misconstrued realness that consist of everything you believe to see, hear, smell, taste and touch – once discovering this truth, you will realize that actual reality, is a pure extract of your distorted view.  That being said, this deception becomes more real; once reaching this state, you will have the ability to feel all of humanity at its core; this will be your greatest gift; every emotion and every sensation will be available to you at your command.  Physically, you will also feel the coherence of every living cell, a synchronicity creating more richness and depth; while this is taking place, you can actually feel the interaction of every particle popping in and out of your very existence.

If you’re ever fortunate of having such an awakening, you will suddenly realize that the sky becomes the very ground you walk on; the clouds of the highest can bear witness of the light footsteps imprinted upon them; with every step taken, you’ll now boldly walk between both worlds of the sanity and the insane.  Once in this realm, you will know and understand the essential language of God which cannot be uttered by the human tongue, a mind boggling experience that can never be expressed fully through action or though articulated sound; because the greatest story ever told…can never be told.  You’ll open your new set of eyes to a living breathing animated world of an infinite moment of the happily unknown; you will now see yourself fully, yet see nothing; you will feel yourself fully, yet feel nothing; you will reach into the paradoxical depths of your inner expression – a bewailing of pure delight; a mourning of jubilation; a blissful cry from the soul.

From this point forward, and forever shall be, you will realize that as a mortal being, you now sit among the gods…even beyond.

Morgan O. Smith

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