Social Media Responsibly

I’m all for critical news for awareness but there needs to be a line drawn. If many understood that the very things they are mentally digesting had an effect on their subconscious mind they would not be sharing it on their social platforms. 

The subconscious mind intakes images.

 Images all around us but what are we focused on? We can fall into the trap of just eating whatever our minds are being fed.  Not all news needs to be prevalent. Understand highlighting the dangers and disgusting things of people in order to say “Look at them these people are bad” serves no one a purpose. No let’s not look at them.

 Let them be dealt with accordingly. Let’s have an awareness of their existence but let’s not dedicate our emotions to the less deserving. By universal law you are attracting heinous things into your being.

 Say if it’s in the hands of the authorities, news articles are written about this particular crime and it’s not ongoing what good does it do your vibrational frequency to share? 

 Even addressing this is me stepping out of my very own alignment but I see such a flood of despair being placed into the human psyche through irresponsible social platform holders. I just want to see positive information, things to spark change, and people uplifting their audiences. We need to really take responsibility over what we share instead of broadcasting fear.  

Can I get an Amen?

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