Food for Thought

This is Food for Thoughts logarithmic.

Truth & Logic intertwined, progress far beyond exponential, you have God & the Goddess within you, so your mental capacities are subconsciously limitless, even conscious restrictions can be astrobiologically & metaphysically bypassed to tap into the infinite, the mind’s synapses firing rhythmically assymmetrically are directly affected by the fuel used to power them.

So when you consume blessed food it empowers & frees you to be who you truly are like chia & quinoa, fresh vegetables & spirulina. Superfoods that boost your mood & better you mentally. Omega 3’s, essential elements and minerals. That’s the key to biochemical replenishment & balance.

Less violence and depression, less wrath & more happiness & compassion, it’s not about being vegan or vegetarian, it’s actually about being conscious of what you eat & what processes are involved in the production of these solids & liquids we use to fuel our bodies, if their vibrations are not in tune with harmony they will offer you naught but sorrow and more problems, so be more cautious with your food, wild is the truest, or organically grown, that’s the blueprint like an island’s beauty, that’s the planet’s soul, and when you eat it; it is smiling truly, we are all hybrid mutants, children of the future & past stranded in the moment, but the future is vaster than expanses golden, as antigravity expands, so do the strands of our souls.

Anton Iorga

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