Mind Control as a Tool for Change

Sandy was a woman that struggled with weight issues.

Year after year she would make a new years resolution to lose weight and start eating healthy.  Each year she was able to make the changes for just about the first 10 days of the year.  Then slowly,  no matter how much she desired the change and really wanted to be fit she was unable to follow through on her goals.  This same struggle is shared by many adults with a variety of goals that unfortunately go unmet. 

The one opportunity that they all have in common is in their minds.  Optimized by being programmed to unconsciously support their conscious desires.

The human mind is a powerful technology that often gets over looked as an integral step to manifestation and change.   I say it gets overlooked because often times people seem to be attracted to quick fixes and band-aid solutions instead of doing work that will last in the long term.

Largely this is because the most basic functions of the mind are not common knowledge even though it should be. Because the activities of our minds directly affects and creates our human experience, collectively and individually.  There are many areas and uses to the mind.  Though in this articles we will focus on the art of getting the mind to support your desires for change.

Let’s start with a common practice that is more popular these days called affirmations.  Results are attained through the force of repetition and the power of suggestion. When done consistently and with belief affirmations have the power to seep into the well of the unconscious mind and eventually it starts seeking expression through validation of what it believes to be true. The individual literally then becomes a magnet for thoughts and experiences that match the new core belief that was imparted through the affirmation.  This means instead of “drifting” in thoughts and ideas the mind was given greater structure and direction.  There are several tools available that can be used to condition the mind to accept new ideas.  One of them is “The Ultimate Guided Hypno-Reiki Meditation” that is centered around affirmations, with environmental triggers to achieve improvement in Chakra function and overall wellness.

Here are some tips to writing your own affirmations:

  • Be clear about the outcome you would like to achieve
  • Start small and build up to bigger goals
  • Set a schedule twice per day during the same hour
  • Use appropriate emotion when saying the affirmations out loud
  • Some find the use of a mirror helpful
  • Write the affirmations down and put it in places that you will notice throughout the day

You can combine the writing of affirmations with journaling.  So that you will be able to have a clear picture of your progress, journey and victories. Enjoy these small but potent practices and you’ll be sure to see changes in a few short weeks. There are no limits to what you can achieve through the power of affirmations.

-Teleka  Turiya Sage

Registered Hypnotherapist
Reiki Master Teacher
Ayuverdic based Yoga
Spiritual Consultant

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