Tantric Synchronicities

I’ve been wanting to study and practice tantra for over a decade, but somehow me being me and never wanting to study anything, coupled with the fact that I never had the discipline to be able to balance my passion and pleasure sexually, I figured it was probably never going to happen. It was one of those lofty goals in my mind alongside things like becoming a monk in Tibet for a year, a Sadhu in India, a martial arts expert or a yogic master… One of those dreams you fantasize about (quite literally), but clearly also realize is probably not going to happen for you. I mean, I lost my virginity when I was 27, had only a handful of sexual partners in my life and wasn’t generally the kind of guy to last very long at anything, cause I’m way too intense and hypersensitive. So the idea of having passionate erotic yoga for hours and multiple orgasms without ever physically releasing energy sounded like godbody status to me…

Then I met my perfect soulmate a month ago, literally named after the Goddess of Wisdom, and I fell in Love so deep that the first time we even held hands in bed I felt like a little kid that got asked out for the first time in elementary. An hour later we were snuggling and kissing, and that quickly led to a lot more… It literally felt so intense that my heart was leaping out of my chest everytime we kissed and I was bewildered thinking, how is this even humanly possible? In my mind I was panicking because I was like, she’s so beautiful and I’m so attracted to her physically, psychically and spiritually, she’s literally my wildest dream come true, there’s no way I’m even going to last 20 seconds, this is probably going to be pretty disappointing to her… Yet lo and behold, we ended up just naturally making Love incredibly intensely and wildly, and fueled by unbridled passion and a desire to make this as amazing and worthwhile as I possibly could for her everytime I came close to orgasm I slowed down and took a short break, focusing on kissing and licking the rest of her body, telling her how much I Loved her, how amazing she was and how I had never felt anything like this before… And it worked, almost like some Buddhic and Hindu tantric divinities were watching over me and telling me what I needed to do… By the time I thought I was ready to orgasm, nothing came out, magically enough, and I was literally ready to go again 30 seconds later… And again, and again, till I finally reached physical climax and fell on the bed exhausted with her, and we both kissed and agreed this was the most amazing sex we had ever experienced in our lives… And everyday after that literally became another chapter of tantra practice… So the main lesson I got from all of this is, like Krishna says to Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita -and Krishna is reputed to be one of the greatest tantric lovers in history- Jnana Yoga (Knolwedge from studying books) is great, but Bhakti Yoga is the supreme form of consciousness, that is, Devotion to the Goddess/Godhead and seeing this embodied within each being around you, especially your Lover/soulmate. Tantra without true passion, Love and respect will never be real tantra. True tantra in my humble opinion comes first and foremost from having a symbiotic balance between your own desires and needs and those of your partner, and being so devoted to them and what they need/want from you that those needs and wants become your own greatest desires and blissfully divine duties…

Much Love, passion, and tantric Synchronicities to all of you…



-Anton Iorga

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