Open Vibrational Wounds

Here’s the transitional issue.If you’ve been isolated & disrespected on the daily once that person is diminished from your life you will be an open wound in a world full of vultures. You are so used to it. 
This abuse has become your foundation of self-confidence & emotional intelligence. 

It won’t be until you start to say “No this is not how I want to be treated”, “This is not how I want to feel”, that you will be a magnet for the same interactions and relationships. It’s about standing up for yourself & putting your foot down. 

We want to be that plush fur rug people only go on to marvel not a doormat at every persons doorstep. How you feel about yourself is vibrational & once you vibrate higher the low frequencies won’t even be apparent. Challenge is communication. 

Stop COMMUNICATING WITH people of lower vibrations. If you are in a conversation and you notice this person’s energy does not attune to yours & is lower it’s time to cut it. Opposite of if this person uplifts you & your vibration.  Then it’s you that needs to attune and vibrate higher.
Introspection is a powerful necessity that we all must endure to face everyday as our authentic selves.

-Amethyst Amaris

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