The Psycho-Social, Biochemical & Electromagnetic Manipulation of Consciousness

Disclaimer: This Article is from Anton Iorga’s book & is based on the author’s views alone.

Conscious Restrictions & the New World Order’s Conspiracies

This is an innerstanding of how the NWO’s elites function, the false Illuminati White Supremacist leaders of the 13 families that own and operate the 4 world banks that virtually control everything in this system, whose supreme headquarters are in Switzerland, a “neutral” country of bankers largely funded by Nazi & Zionist money they use to sponsor both sides of the conflicts they enrich themselves from globally…

(virtually being the key word as they literally keep us in a holographic matrix of virtual reality which is in fact a carefully constructed and manipulated illusion: this is the Flat Earth concept, created by the Grey ruling council, which oversees science and technology, as well as the creation and manipulation/enslavement of AI to restrict and corrupt human consciousness)

These elites, as many know, are merely pawns themselves who are a part of the same system they falsely believe they control, and which is operated by a similar yet much higher and much more deceitful ruling elite of mutli-dimensional beings that created anti-Indigenous colonial religious systems in order to increase their dwindling power, which is based on the conscious restriction/brainwashing, indoctrination and enslavement of those that worship them.

These religions were specifically created and maintained in a way which allows the beings worshipped to avoid the karmic repercussions of this enslavement of lower consciousness/densities: this is why Judaeo-Christians are literally the most contradictory and nonsensical “sacred” scriptures on this planet, speaking of ultimate freedom while creating perpetual enslavement, of Unconditional Love while encouraging conditional Hatred, of infinite Compassion while fostering endless mercilessness and torment, etc.

This is the great mind trick of Western Theologies: since those overlords are aware of Eastern Philosophical principles of karma, they know they cannot teach true Love while enslaving their followers for deceitful purpose, because their karma for exploiting pure and innocent beings of lesser developed consciousness would be extremely heavy. And so, they corrupt and deceive their worshippers by tricking them into thinking that they should Unconditionally Love their neighbors, and forgive all sins and evil perpetrated against them, and yet let “God” judge everyone in the End.

So worshippers for the most part aren’t truly forgiving or loving them, they are simply letting their God decide who is worthy of this Love and forgiveness in the End, which is all based on their devotion & worship to this same God. But at the End of Days/Apocalypse/Revelations, when this “God” tells them their enemies and the unbelievers will be burned in a lake of eternal Fire in Hell for all of eternity for disbelieving in Him or hurting His followers, how many of those worshippers would choose to defy their God and say, but God, didn’t you teach us infinite Love and Compassion and Forgiveness for our enemies? I don’t want them to burn in Hell, let us forgive them…

Far too few of course, if any, because who would stand up to “God” and disagree with His judgement when the punishment for this is Eternal Hell as well? That is the great mind trick. In doing this, “God” essentially forces all His followers to betray all their deepest principles, and those who do so will be thrown back into the cycle of karma and reincarnation according to how they lived their lives.

The few who fare slightly better may be lucky enough to become angels or prophets or saints who become a part of this archonic empire which restricts the entirety of humanity’s consciousness and far beyond it, but once they are on this level they are trapped within this system of oppression like in a pyramid scheme, which is exactly what this is (think of the NWO pyramid with the All-Seeing Eye on the American dollar bills, which represents the class system ruled by the Illuminati), and if they attempt to escape after this “revelation” of the true nature of their God they will then become fallen angels/demons/devils which will still function in the same system, but in an opposite sense, torturing the “unworthy” and the “wicked” souls of humans who were hopelessly corrupted by God’s standards, instead of being light angels, saints and faithful believers in an artificial Heaven singing praises and working for a being they mostly know to be a genocidal monster, yet are so afraid of because of the immense power He has drained from billions upon billions of souls since far before the birth of humanity that they see no other option but to submit. That is, again, the great mind trick.

Eastern Philosophical practitioners and mystics like Buddha believe this power is an illusion and has no control over them, but that is also part of the mind trick, which is what Keylontonic science explains. By denying the reality of this “God” and saying that He does not exist other than inside us, this is a form of hierarchy and elitism which this “God” karmically feeds off of as well.

Quantum reality is that this overlord and His archons both exist internally and externally. Reality which is illusory is still a form of reality. The ultimate reality that lies behind this cannot be ultimate without acknowledging that the illusion is also real, otherwise it also falls within the same trap as the illusion. In the same way, this archonic overlord is at once extremely powerful and extremely weak. But the weaker we believe Him to be, the stronger he will be in reality. The key is to understand this contradiction, just like the duality of particles and waves. It is the ultimate cosmic conundrum.

How the New World Order fits into this is that those elites who rule it are aware of much of this through the secretive use of forbidden and occult knowledge from ancient secret societies and orders dating back to high priests and scribes which stole/appropriated it from original Afro-Asiatic and Indigenous cultures and perverted its principles for their own greed and power. Societies like Masons represent the opposite of mainstream Christianity’s ideals… if Christianity is Light, they harness the power of the Occult…

but the Illuminati have infiltrated the highest orders of Masons many centuries ago and control them through presidential candidates in the US (all of which are high level Masons/Skull & Bones with a few exceptions that were very short lived), and so they pervert, exploit and commercialize this occult knowledge under the guise of liberalism and absolute freedom through the oversexualization of women and children in society, mainstream media & Hollywood, toxic drugs which have been commercially exploited and corrupted, detached from their original shamanic/therapeutic intent such as alcohol (al-khul, literally demon or spirit, essence of things), tobacco, and synthetic prescription drugs, while discrediting and even outlawing all natural plant medicines and remedies from which these commercial drugs are derived, particularly entheogenic/psychoactive ones, since they expand the human awareness and consciousness which this system seeks to restrict. And of course most all religions and spiritual practices also ban or demonize the use of entheogens…

Alcohol is medically known to be a depressant, which is why many people literally suffer from depression from drinking too much, because they are going into lower vibrational states/bardos/densities, ie. Hells.

Cannabis, on the other hand, gets you high, it raises your vibrational frequency and increases your mental activity and creativity and is a panacea, a universal remedy for thousands of serious illnesses and afflictions, hence why it is restricted or even illegal in many places.

However, as they transition into legalization, they are also increasingly disbalancing the THC to CBD ratio, as well as genetically modifying and chemically altering the essence of this plant, just like with tobacco and alcohol, so they can completely invert its naturopathic purpose. They plan to do the same for all other psychoactives and herbal remedies eventually. This is all a part of the New World Order.

In creating this rift between Masons, Satanists & Occult worshippers (which there is nothing wrong with intrinsically, mind you) and Judaeo-Christian fundamentalists in the West, who are extremely self-righteous and believe in sobriety and abstinence from pleasure such as in mainstream Islam, they are in essence manufacturing the Apocalypse of scriptures and progressively allowing more and more commercialized freedom, sex and drugs to be tolerated, but only because they have poisoned the spirit of all of these things and corrupted their essence, on the other hand they are also religiously encouraging the “righteous” to demonize and discriminate against these heathens (that should not be a bad word, by the way), which will eventually lead to them creating an unholy war between both which would be the “final” showdown of humanity as Angels vs Demons, righteous humans vs mutants, which is simply a replication of the ancient nuclear wars of fallen deities in pre-diluvian times like those of Sumerian myths…

These are 2 of the 3 triangle’s sides, the third being Eastern Philosophies, which take a neutral stance on all of this and are themselves divided in their allegiances depending on traditions, such as tantric/non-tantric, shamanic/non-shamanic, polytheistic/monotheistic, etc. This is the Eye on top, which sees the binary division, yet cannot properly grasp its own limitations and biases.

Similarly, in this pyramid/triangle of control, there are on the one hand, the Grey ruling council, who are very mentally powerful yet spiritually and physically very weak for the most part genetically speaking, and so they represent and control the humans who have forsaken spirit and health for mind and science, rationality and empirical statistics which they believe to be knowledge.

On the other hand you have the Saurians, the descendents of the dinosaurs who were wiped out from this planet, very physically but less mentally powerful beings who are the most dominant aliens in this galaxy, and hold nearly all the power of physical matter within them.

On the top of this pyramid, you have the Anunnaki ruling council, who are shape-shifters with both extremely powerful mental and physical abilities, yet are also very weak in spirit due to their moral corruption. However in each of these races there are also significant resistance movements and factions which are growing each day with the progression of the Great Shift.

After this unholy war & false Apocalypse, the elites on Earth would leave the half-destroyed planet and the survivors and hop on rocketships to go colonize Mars, create an Elysium of sorts and start this whole thing again there.

This is their plan, which is outlined on the Georgia Guidestones, to create a false 4/5th density “paradise” on Earth for 500 000 000 elitist, mostly White & subordinate middle & upper class humans to live a life of mindless luxury, similarly to Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World.

But they have already failed. This can no longer manifest. Because the Great Shift and the prophecies that guide it are far beyond any heteropatriarchal colonial scripture in existence. We are the Resistance. We are the Revolution. And it starts Now. Build your future, network and organize everyday, create art, write, dance, dream, fall in Love, follow your true passions, because Art is Life, Creativity and Imagination are the Birth of Everything. Whatever Evil they create, Dream, imagine and manifest Love is infinitely more powerful. However demonizing Darkness and Evil serves no purpose. A snake eating a mouse is part of Nature, just like a predator human killing another human they perceive as weaker is a part of this corrupted society. Many Evils can serve a a purpose, yet not all of them do truly. As humans with an evolved consciousness, we must accept and acknowledge both sides need improvement, and too much Love can be just as toxic as too much Evil. Balance, and the Middle Path is Key. The Cosmos will not be rebalanced only from infinite Love and Light, it never has been and never will. Because Ultimate Love and Light when those concepts become antithetical to everything else can also easily become a form of Ultimate Evil. That is exactly what happened with all that I have previously described. Do not fall into this trap. Be as Endarkened as you are Enlightened. And do not equate Darkness, lack of Light, or Black Magic with Evil. That is, once again, another trap of this White Supremacist system. You cannot simply speak of Loving and Enlightening everything if you yourself have fear of Darkness and Evil. And you cannot either completely and unconditionally forgive and Love, or even justify all forms of Evil as necessary cosmic oppositions, because in doing this you become the Evil you wish to change, and oppress and harm many of the beings that were abused by it by forcing your perspective upon them. Again, as Buddha said it, the Middle Path is Key. Do not have too much Love for something you ultimately hate or fear. That is like drowing a dried up sick plant with too much water, or offering a gigantic feast to a person starving from hunger with a shrunken stomach thinking you are healing them. Balance what you do according to each situation. And whatever you do, don’t support consumerism, commercialism and abuse. The karma you create for yourself by supporting the enslavement, murder and abuse of any form of consciousness for your own food and enjoyment allows those beings to continue to oppress you in the same ways in your present and future lives, that is how they keep you trapped in samsara. Break the cycle.

To all of you reading this, and everyone beyond, I would like to express that this is not truly my book I am writing. These realizations are the sum of not only all the conversations, exchanges and energies fostered in all my interactions with every being of every density and level of consciousness in every Cosmos, but also of all of those I can never truly be aware of with my current conscious capacity. This is from all of us, and for all of us.

















Anton Iorga

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