Omnidimensional Reality

The concept of having one soulmate for “all of eternity” is a flawed and dangerous one just like the concept of an Ascended Master vs an unenlightened being is a binary illusion which creates more suffering, because this divide was created from the illusion of samsara, and we cannot reach this level of awareness without the polar opposite that creates it for us, which is how religions were born… some beings who idealize these masters (notice this is a masculine term of dominance, like the master/slave dialectic), give up most of their power in the process and essentially any hope of ever reaching that level of awareness… Once we are allowed to have unrestricted quantum awareness and we realize we have infinite lifetimes and infinite facets of ourselves which are all reflected in others in an endless fractal fashion, we see that all of this is simply us as endless divine beings of Yin & Yang having interactions with ourselves, and we realize unconditional love means ego cannot want anything from anyone that denies happiness to anyone aspect of ourselves, which is attachment and jealousy, the binary reality of this dissipates and becomes non-binary, just like when a man or woman realizes we have both genders and many more unfathomed within us… monogamy for all of eternity is not real love, just like having a single best friend and no one else for all of eternity makes no sense either. A one true love exists, but in longer time spans it becomes literally nightmarish on a binary level because the more we realize how neglectful we become of others in order to become more devoted to the person we “love” the more toxic it becomes. The same thing is true with friendship, family, any relationship really. it’s all part of the same third density holographic matrix/flat world projection that tries to collapse existence into One God, One Partner, One World, One Government, Oneness… and denies the opposite like the subjugation and illegalization of the Goddess and the non-binary Oracles… this is patriarchy/Mars/War’s rule, which is actually ultimately destruction… Rainbow Children, true anarchy & communism & socialism prones the concept that none of us own anyone or anything and all of us can freely share energy, knowledge, awareness and resources, whether emotional or physical, spiritual, psychic, causal, etc… this is both apotheosis and apostacy, the realization of inherent divinity which can only truly come from the rejection of duality and separation from others… both of these realities and many more can co-exist when there is respect on both sides… this is West vs East, War vs Peace, Straight vs Queer… Atlantis vs Lemuria, Mars vs Venus, Colonialism vs Indigenous, Patriarchy vs Matriarchy, Religion vs Animism, Righteousness vs Wickedness, Heaven vs Earth… This is what creates eternal suffering, samsara/maya… the problem has always been the same… people who want this oneness and conformity to their standards of Love and Life “as it should be” get very angry and hateful towards anyone else who doesn’t agree with them and try to destroy them eventually when they don’t comply, whereas communists and socialists simply accept oneness but do not identify with it as such other than through interconnectedness, which is an Indigenous concept … its a very ancient story that’s been going on since the Dawn of Time…

Anton Iorga

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