Ital Living & Orthomolecular Medicine

I was “diagnosed” by Western psychiatrists as Bipolar II, Schizophrenic, MPD, ADHD, SAD and PTSD. What it really was was that I opened a portal and called all the demons in existence to come possess me as a joke because I thought there was no way on Earth that something like that could ever happen rationally. But it did. I started hallucinating and became completely insane, living in Hells daily being tortured and abused… it was so serious that I got to a point of being catatonic for nearly 2 years on various toxic meds and couldnt sleep, eat or do anything, psychiatrists told my mom I was completely hopeless and could never be functional and ordered me to be locked up for life in a long term mental asylum under heavy meds. My mom refused and 6 years later after orthomolecular medicine, megavitamin therapy and healthy practices being free of meds I’m a postdoctoral scholar teaching in one of the top 100 universities on the planet, I manage my own record label, I’m a published translator of 2 bestselling novels working on 3 more, a conscious hip-hop/spoken word artist with 66 published albums working on 42 more, a mental health/anticolonial activist involved with several organizations giving conferences and guest lectures weekly about many crucial social issues including this one, and a youth mentor who founded a worldwide healing safespace collective based on alternative medicine & holism, we now have 9 centres on the planet and working on several more, I work 100+ hours a week and I’ve never been healthier whereas back when I was on meds I literally couldn’t do anything… but the point is the people who followed the health practices and regimen that I did actually healed themselves as well with a 95% success rate in the 10s of thousands based on Dr. Linus Pauling & Dr. Abram Hoffer’s work and orthomolecular medicine and did amazing work on the planet.

The way it worked for me and tens of thousands of others was using the right dosages of vitamins/elements and tapering off very slowly from meds but not completely so I was on a microdose of the main med that helped me and getting none of the side effects really. I stayed like this for a while and like many others when I cut off completely I had small relapses after a few months so I kept the microdose until I was fully ready to cut off completely. When I did and I was balanced I realized it was absolutely amazing how much energy and mental capacity I had in comparison, even if the microdose of medication didn’t seem to have any side effects. 

This is my regimen:
Vitamin B3

Vitamin C

Vitamin D

Omega 3s (chia, flax, hemp)


Nutritional Yeast

High CBD strains/Phoenix Tears
5gs a day or more as needed of each, up to 10-15g, (which is like 10-20 times more than EMPower) but start with 500 mgs of Niacin (B3) until you’re used to the effects because it makes you feel hot and itchy and very red, but thats just blood flow to the brain and body increasing. If you take it twice a day everyday that will fade away.
Also natural antipsychotic herbs like ashwaganda, passionflower, lemon balm, holy basil, skullcap, valerian root, hops and chamomile as well as meditation, yoga, massage, shamanism, mantras, reiki, acupuncture and animal therapy are amazing.

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