Anticipation to the Answer Already Known

(…by You, the Answer Questioning Itself)
I break bread with both the theist and the atheist – I apprehend the argument of the two as I sit on fair-minded ground, watching one contend the other facing in dispute, while he who believes defends his post.

As I watch, I’m aware that both are worthy of uttering views fully sided by his internally own; his personal beliefs conceals his open-mindedness which brings me delight, producing mental stimuli between two ears. Though both sides lack in perspective, as a duality they both fulfill, creating a system of equilibrium (a stabilized symmetry of truth); but neither one comprehends the limitless paradox of The Almighty, for what I consider absolute, stands right in front of their elaborate egos. Though the debate continues, they both fail to realize that either provoking views are filled with half-truths; but if one truly seeks without carrying the weight of bias, then the answer will be found between the two opposed.

Now if this quarreling duo can manage to focus on what’s within the actual centre, then it is possible that neither one would fall short of an agreement that what I’m speaking of (regardless of belief), is present and sensed by all. What I’m alluding to, is the backbone of The Creator; also the concept of (it is a notion created by you because of it). That being said, what I’m about to tell you (though no matter what I say, will always remain a mystery), is the only thing that needs no concepts; because this is a Presence that has no beginning, this very same Presence has no bounds; this enigma is the glue, it is the essence, and it is spirit; all concepts are manifestations of this (for it is everywhere; this very thing is omnipresent).

This Presence is the blackboard, and everything is written upon it; it’s the always Is, the always Was, and the always Shall Be; it is the one thing that will always endure. This is a Presence that has nowhere to go, nowhere to come from, nothing to lose nor anything to gain; if it decides to perish, nothing would remain; so because of it, this Nothingness would still be the only thing to ever persevere.

Now what can be so omnipotent that it can be capable of doing all this and more? No one can ever respond to such a question, because no such answer could or will ever be found. All we can do is look all around us and stare at its comeliness (something you are doing in this moment of the very now).

But if we look at this through a different set of eyes, then the answer is all around you, and you are here because of it; so once you become aware, pay full attention and notice its presence (once it is comprehended, smile at it, and it will smile back at you).

Now what is this anomaly I speak of? Known Mystics such as Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh has spoken of this; it’s also mentioned in The Upanishads (whether interpreted or not, the answer to this is quite simple; but if awakened, all of its wonders will astonish you). So what is the answer to this awesome phenomenon? Truly, words can never be expressed through the chattering tongue which stops when the bewildering mind ponders. So again, what is the answer? Well the answer is, the answer was, and the answer will always be “Existence”.

Morgan O. Smith

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