When Sh*t Hits the Fan…

Panacea Cafe


6 Lessons of Humility

There is an actual frame of denial when you are dangerously ill.   Especially when you’re a health fanatic and you are hit with a rare out of the ordinary ailment.

Throughout my last pregnancy I remained active I would go on bike rides and put my kids in the attached trailer and be off.  The first trimester I was very sick for 3 months and I realized a very deep dark and shameful secret… my mind wasn’t working like it should.  I was sick without getting into too much detail on that as I live beyond that vibration now.

All of my thoughts were blurred.   I lacked the clarity to do art, read, or write.   It was a once in awhile thing not like my regular everyday creative stimulation.  Then came my bike accident.   In this particular accident I injured my left leg.  With what seemed…

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