Meditate with Morgan O. Smith

Delve Deeper with Yinnergy

Yinnergy encourages you into a higher state of consciousness and well-being by rousing and literally “working out” your brain and nervous system. By encouraging development and evolution of these areas – Yinnergy rouses your innate ability to access your abundant inner resources. These abundant reserves often lay dormant in our unconscious mind.

Yinnergy soundtracks are designed and created to explore your external, internal, and ultimate realities. Yinnergy acts as your guide as you delve into your infinite potential. Yinnergy is designed to allow you a direct experience of your highest consciousness. Yinnergy facilitates this by removing the layers and distractions of the mind. Over time, Yinnergy helps you release dysfunctional feelings and behaviors. Yinnergy and other similar programs give insight to your True Nature and your Higher Self.

Morgan O. Smith, Philosopher/Creator of Yinnergy